How to Prepare For a Job That Require Overtime?

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While working in any company, you are required to work for a certain fixed number of hours on weekly or monthly basis. If you are asked to work beyond that, it is considered to be overtime, for which you might be paid. It could be for many reasons like if someone who was supposed to work in the next shift called sick or one of your team mates did not come and there is a major deadline. In most of the cases like these, you cannot refuse to work overtime.
But working extra hours is much easier said than done. It requires a lot of patience and dedication to put in extra efforts after your official working hours are completed. Doing overtime can definitely get you noticed in the eyes of your seniors and managers, as it give an impression that you are dependable and reliable in situations like these.
Things to keep in mind in job that requires overtime

If asked to do overtime, you do not have an option other than to say yes, because refusing to do so might put you in a bad light. But by keeping a few things in mind, you can cope up with the issue of overtime very easily. These things are:

  • While doing overtime, do so in a way so that it is noticed by your managers. Be sure to get it acknowledged by your seniors and managers.
  • When your overtime gets completed, send an e-mail to your manager, so that you get a written record of your overtime and also get your effort in the notice of the manager.
  • It is better to prepare yourself and your family mentally, so that at later stages when you are actually asked to work after your working hours, you or your family does not freak out.
  • If you are supposed to work overtime on a particular day and you know in advance, be sure to get some breaks during the day, so that your attention level does not drop due to tiredness or fatigue.
  • Get sound sleep at night and find out some time to relax and enjoy on days when you do not have to work for extra hours. This helps to recharge and energize your body for the days to come.
  • If you have something very important, learn to say no occasionally, but do so in a very polite manner with valid reasons.
  • Do not crib and complain while working overtime, because it nullifies your effort.
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How to Prepare For a Job That Require Overtime?

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How to Prepare For a Job That Require Overtime?

This article was published on 2014/04/10